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Lahti Int. 28 October 2007, breed judge Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki, group judge Laura Cox
Group-2, BOB, CC Texforrier From The Heart at his first official show!
BOS, Cacib Texforrier Notably Wayward
2nd best bitch Foxfield Sunrise Queen

Oulu Int. 5 October 2007, breed and group judge Tarmo Viirtelä, BIS judge Natalia Nekrosiene
BIS-1 Group-1 BOB cacib Martina's La Poderosa

Oulu Int. 6 October 2007, breed judge Juha Kares, group judge Zolt Lokodi
Group-3, BOB, CC Texforrier From The Heart
BOS, Cacib Foxfield Sunrise Queen

Martina´s La Poderosa in Oulu
Helsinki all breed puppy show 15 September 2007

BIS-4 Group-1 BOB Texforrier From The Heart
breed and group judge Juha Palosaari, BIS judge Marja Talvitie

Texforrier From The Heart in Helsinki >>>

Porvoo 8 September 2007

BOS Optimo On A Sunrise High

Optimo On A Sunrise High in Porvoo >>>

Tervakoski Int. 25 August 2007

Group-2 Foxfield Sunrise Queen

breed and group judge Miranja Lapinja

Heinola 19 August 2007

Group-1 BOB Foxfield Sunrise Queen

breed judge Ritva Raita, group judge Päivi Eerola

Lahja is owned by Leena-Kaisa and Toni Vainio (Foxfield) and shown by Molli Nyman. Lahja is a daughter to Texforrier Power Trip.

Foxfield Sunrise Queen in Heinola >>>

Kouvola 18 August 2007

BIS-3 Group-1 BOB Foxfield Sunrise Queen

breed judge Joyce O’Connor, group judge Joao Vieira Lisboa, BIS judge Levente Miklos

Foxfield Sunrise Queen in Kouvola >>>

Iisa, Martina's La Poderosa has had a great month. 5 group wins in a row, twice BIS-1, twice BIS-2 and once BIS-3. Iisa is currently #1 in the FCI group 9 and among the top 5 all breeds.

Iisa wins the group under Fernando Madeira Rodriguez, Portugal. The BIS was judged by Hans Lehtinen >>>

Joensuu Int. 12 August 2007

BIS-2 Group-1 BOB Martina's La Poderosa

BIS-4 junior BOB, CC AshGrove GrandWazoo

BOB, cacib Optimo On A Sunrise High

Joensuu 11 August 2007

BIS-1 Group-1 BOB Martina's La Poderosa

BIS-1 in the rain under Soile Bister, Finland >>>

BOB, CC new Fin Ch Optimo On A Sunrise High

Fleur, our new Smooth addition, Aust & Fin Ch Optimo On A Sunrise High, went BOB both days in Joensuu. Fleur is co-owned by her breeder Jan Braithwaite-Campbell. Thank you Jan and Ken for letting Fleur move to Finland!

New Fin Ch Optimo On A Sunrise High pictured with judge Natalia Nekrosiene in Joensuu on 11 August 2007 >>>

Kuopio 4.-5. August 2007

BIS-1 Group-1 BOB Martina's La Poderosa

BIS-4 Group-1 BOB, CC AshGrove GrandWazoo

BIS-1 in Kuopio under Susan Badick, Canada >>>

Pori Int. 28.-28. July 2007

BIS-3 Group-1 BOB cacib Martina's La Poderosa

Group-3 BOB, CC AshGrove GrandWazoo

Martina's La Poderosa BIS-3 in Pori Int. under breed specialist Carlos Fernandez-Renau (del Zarzoso Poodles) >>>

Ashgrove GrandWazoo in Pori >>>

Hyvinkää 22 July 2007, breed judge Karin Bergbom

BIS-2 Group-1 BOB Martina’s La Poderosa

2nd best dog, CC Texforrier Kolour Matters

Orivesi 14 July 2007, breed judge Gerard Cox, group judge Laura Cox
Group-1 BOB, CC AshGrove GrandWazoo
We were very unlucky and missed the BIS competition by coming too late to the showgrounds on Sunday, so Leo couldn’t take part in the BIS.

AshGrove GrandWazoo in Orivesi >>>

BOS, CC new Fin Ch Texforrier She’s All That
3rd best bitch Texforrier Make My Day

Texforrier She’s All That in Orivesi >>>

Jämsä 6 July 2007, Finnish Fox Terrier Club’s main specialty
Judges Eeva Resko and Juha Palosaari

BIS-1 AshGrove GrandWazoo
BIS-1 puppy Texforrier From The Heart

AshGrove GrandWazoo >>>

2nd best dog Texforrier Easy Does It
2nd best bitch Foxfield Sunrise Queen

Texforrier From The Heart

Jämsä 7 July, field tracking test
Texforrier Kolour Matters and Texforrier Northern Light got 1st price in winner class. Northern Light made breed history by becoming Finnish Tracking Champion straight in 5 tests. Congratulations to Salla, we are so proud of you!

Texforrier Northern Light >>>

Karjaa 1 July 2007, breed judge Marina Guidetti, Italy
BOB, cacib Del Zarzoso Gardel

Kotka Int. 17 June 2007
BOB, cacib AshGrove GrandWazoo

Zagreb, Croatia, 10 June 2007, European Winner Show
Wire judge: Christiane Rossier, Switzerland
Smooth judge: Andras Korosz, Hungary

BOB junior, Junior European Winner 2007 AshGrove GrandWazoo
1st in Champion class, CC, HR Ch Texforrier Miss Shillelagh

AshGrove GrandWazoo in Zagreb >>>

Tuuri 3 June 2007, breed judge Karin Bergbom
BOS Texforrier Miss Shillelagh
This was Leyla’s last show in Finland. Leyla is now back in Ireland with his owner Ross Delmar. Leyla spent here 8 months, became International, Finnish, Swedish and Croatian champion and also Finnish Winner 2006.

Helsinki Int. 20 May 2007
BOB Texforrier Miss Shillelagh

Riga Int., Latvia, 18 May 2007, judge Bojan Matakovic
BOB junior Texforrier Love For Sale

Riga Int. Latvia, 19 May 2007, judge breed specialist Szusanna Petik, Hungary
BOB, CC Texforrier Love For Sale

Lahti Int. 28 April 2007, breed judge Tarmo Viirtelä, group judge Jesus Pastor, Spain
Group-4, BOB, Cacib Texforrier Miss Shillelagh

Texforrier Miss Shillelagh in Lahti >>>

Stockholm Int, Sweden 8 April 2007, judge Henrik Johansson, Sweden
BOB, Cacib, CC, new Swedish and International Champion Texforrier Miss Shillelagh

Tampere Int. 25 March 2007, judge Alberto Velasco, Spain
BOB, BOB veteran Foxfield That's My Record
3rd best bitch Texforrier Miss Shillelagh

Foxfield That`s My Record in Tampere >>>

Riga Int., Latvia, 18 March 2007
BOB, Cacib, CC, new LV and Int Ch and LVW-07 Texforrier Humpty Dumpty
BOS, Cacib, CC, new LV Ch and LVW-07 Texforrier Miss Knows It All

We lost our dear Emil in a car accident, too suddenly and too soon. His memory will always stay in our hearts.

They say memories are golden,
w ell, maybe that is true.
I never wanted memories, I only wanted you.
A million times I cried.
If love alone could have saved you,
you never would have died.
In life I loved you dearly, in death I love you still.
In my heart you hold a place no one else could fill.
If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane.
I'd walk the path to Heaven and bring you back.

-Author unknown-

In memoriam

Int&Fin&S&Dk Ch
V-05 NordW-05
BaltW-06 EUW-06
Texforrier Eloquence

17 April 2001 - 1 February 2007
#1 Smooth Fox Terrier in 2006
#2 Terrier in 2006
#9 All breeds in 2006

Turku Int. 27 January 2007, breed judge Bryn Cadogan, group judge Margaret Möller-Sieber
Group-4 BOB, cacib Texforrier Miss Shillelagh
2nd best bitch, CC, res. cacib Texforrier She's All That
BOS BIS-4 veteran Foxfield That's My Record
3rd best dog res. CC Del Zarzoso Gardel

Marita Peuhkuri